Workshop Goals

Join us as we investigate the dynamics and fate of early planetary crusts and how these processes affect core segregation and inner core growth.  On July 30, 2017, we will gather  to work out issues regarding the formation and recycling of the early crust on Earth as well as the moon and Mars.  This is a joint effort with the Geodynamics Research Center at Ehime University.  We will build on discussions that began during the “First Crust Aftershop” following the 2017 ELSI symposium to improve our understanding of how the early planetary crusts evolved from a dynamical and seismological perspective in terms of what we can model and what we can observe today.  This workshop spans the whole range of crust to core observational seismologists with dynamicists to tie the regions together.  It is rare that a expert group such as this would be assembled for the purpose of discussion early planetary surfaces especially including people with expertise on the moon and Mars.